CPAC: Quote(s) of the Day

RedState has been live-blogging the Conservative Political Action Conference in DC, and relayed some lines from Ann Coulter’s speech this afternoon, which was zinger central:

“Obama has the entire media, the European Union, and Oprah on his side. A poll in Germany said 80% of Germans liked Obama over McCain — and we all know how infallible Germans are at picking leaders.”

“It’s amazing the media keeps comparing Obama to Lincoln and Reagan. The press apparently can’t think of a Democrat worthy enough to compare him to.”

“The media compared Obama to Jesus. I lost a bet. They do know who Jesus is. But as the leader of twelve apostles, even Jesus had more executive experience than Obama.”

Read all of RedState’s CPAC notes here.

Rush Limbaugh’s closing out the conference at 5 p.m. today, unless libs in Congress can pass some sort of Fairness Doctrine before then — in which case the headlining speaker will be Bill Moyers.

Update: Here’s part one of Limbaugh’s speech. Follow the links at the right on YouTube or do a quick search for the remaining parts.

Update II: The race for the 2012 GOP nomination is underway… here are the top four picks in a CPAC staw poll: Romney 20, Jindahl 14, Paul 13, Palin 13. I’ll have faith that the Republican Party is making headway as long as McCain’s name doesn’t sneak its way back onto that list.

Author: Doug Powers

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