‘What Obama Means to Me’

There’s a website called “What Obama Means to Me” that was created with the intent of giving the common man an opportunity to praise the glorious works of The One. The concept is simple: You just enter a sentence or two of what Obama means to you and post it.

Here’s what they say will happen to the postings:

Your message will be printed and included in the WhatObamaMeansTome.com book that will be presented to Barack Obama on February 01, 2010!

As you may have guessed, the site has been infiltrated by non-believers and other anti-hope heretics, so after reading through all the comments, it’s obvious that they’ll have some serious editing to do before presenting the book to Benito.

CNN on Obama: It’s Fawning in America

CNN shouldn’t pour this much syrup on our plates in the morning without also serving pancakes:

President Barack Obama addressed Congress shortly after 9 p.m. Tuesday, but a casual viewer might have believed it was actually morning in America.

“Morning in America” was the theme of Ronald Reagan’s 1984 re-election campaign, and it was front and center in Obama’s most critical event since Inauguration Day.

The president who has pledged to reverse much of Reagan’s economic revolution took a page from the 40th president’s playbook in his 52-minute speech, striking a defiantly optimistic tone that belied the nation’s sour mood and rebutted critics who have accused him of intentionally talking down the economy for short-term political gain.

Maybe I’m off base, but I can’t see any comparisons between Reagan and Obama. I would submit that an optimistic free market capitalist has nothing in common with an optimistic socialist, including the brand of optimism.

Sure, it’s “morning in America” alright, but it just depends on where you’re spending your morning.

Morning in Reagan’s America:


Morning in Obama’s America:


Update: So far today the market isn’t nearly as optimistic as the president was in his speech.

‘Oh God’: Chris Matthews Either Disgusted By Jindahl, or Still Orgasming Over Obama

On MSNBC last night, as unbiased journalists Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann were throwing it to Bobby Jindahl’s “Republican response” to Barack Obama’s speech, somebody with a live mic said “Oh God” just before Jindahl began speaking.

Some think this was an expression of disgust of Jindahl by somebody on the set, but I think it was only Chris Matthews finishing off a second or third Obamagasm after The One’s speech. You be the judge:

Chris’s tingle was gone for a while, but I think it’s back now!

Update: Matthews explains himself.

Shocker: Pfizer Chairman and Union Boss Support Shoveling More Taxpayer Money Into Health Care

The full nationalization of health care will result in billions if not trillions more taxpayer dollars being handed in part to Big Pharma and health care unions. So, it’s no surprise that the people who run these industries would be in support of throwing more taxpayer money towards government-run health care.

Sure enough, Andy Stern, President of the Service Employees International Union, and Jeff Kindler, Chairman and CEO of Pfizer, are supporting President Obama’s call for the government to “fix” the health care system. What a, uh, surprise:

America’s economic recovery depends upon solving the healthcare emergency that is bankrupting families and eroding our competitiveness in the global economy.

I couldn’t agree more, but I couldn’t disagree more that the very entity that is bankrupting families and eroding our competitiveness in the global economy should be the one to fix it.

The government has been “fixing” health care for years — just like they’ve been “fixing” public education, the auto industry, Wall Street and border security — and you’re looking at the results.

Sure, a health care system fully run by the government will at least temporarily solve the problems… of health care unions and Pfizer — but the rest of us will be Pf@*#ed, and there ain’t no pill for that.

“If you think health care is expensive now, wait until you see what it costs when it’s free.” — P.J. O’Rourke

New Blog Post at A.T.

Once in a while I write some blog posts (as well as full-length articles) at the American Thinker. They prefer I link to my posts there instead of mirroring the same thing at my site

Here’s today’s American Thinker post: Rocket carrying global warming satellite plunges into Pacific: fish and whales hardest hit

The only way to make this story funnier would have been if the malfunctioning global warming rocket plunged into the ocean and killed an endangered whale.

Update: I couldn’t help but respond to a comment from a humorless dork who accused me of being snarky — I responded of course by being snarky. This is the kind of guy who, when somebody starts a “knock knock” joke, actually gets up to see who’s at the door.

His comment:

Powers – “A rational person ” would not write this crap.

I yield to no man or woman in appreciation for rational behavior and Constitutional values. But this was simply a malfunction, of which we have had many. Some on this thread have emphasized the satirical and ironic aspects of this failure to good effect. KLH and John have the proper take on the technical aspects.

But snarky comments to no purpose hurt the cause.

My reply:

You must be a blast at parties.

Porky Schumer Ticked At Governors Who Refuse Further Federal Enslavement

Reptilian Senator and weasel extraordinaire, Chuck “Americans don’t care about ‘pork'” Schumer, was on the “Morning Joe” program demonizing governors who dare refuse to eat every piece of government pork put on their plate.

The plantation owners do get ticked-off at people who make it difficult for them to get the chains on, don’t they?

Here’s Porky Schumer, who I only watch when I know I’m going to have time for a shower afterwards:

(h/t PoliticalCastaway)

Negrohead Mountain Soon to Be No More

I’m not big on gratuitous name changes for areas of the country with a rich history, but this one is probably, ya know, a good idea:

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors is expected Tuesday to call for Negrohead Mountain near Seminole Hot Springs to be renamed in honor of local African American pioneer John Ballard.

At the request of Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky, the board will consider sending a formal proposal to the United States Board of Geographic Names to have the name changed to Ballard Mountain.

Joel Bellman, spokesman for Yaroslavsky, called the 2,031-foot mountain’s current name “dated.”

Wasn’t “Negrohead Mountain” that blaxploitation film about gay African-American sheep herders? Yeah, the name change is probably a good idea.

(h/t HotAir)

Stimulus Scammers Giving Government Competition

This falls under the “if you’re that stupid, you deserve it” umbrella, but nonetheless the U.S. Small Business Administration is warning business owners about a scam:

The federal agency said fraudulent letters, printed on what appears to be an SBA letterhead, were sent to small businesses across the country.

The letters tell recipients they may be eligible for a tax rebate under the Economic Stimulus Act and that the SBA is assessing their eligibility for such a rebate. It then asks them to provide bank account information.

The SBA said the letters have not been sent by or authorized by the agency, and that businesses are “strongly advised” not to respond to them.

The Democrat Congressional Leadership today released a statement saying that anybody caught perpetrating a stimulus scam will be charged with copyright infringement.

If you’ve been taken by this scam, take comfort in the fact that, though your bank account may have been ripped off, you still have your highly valuable Obama commemorative coin collection.