‘Freedom Tower’ is No More: What Now?

It’s most certainly a mistake to think that terrorists attack buildings because of what they’re named instead of what they represent, but that seems to be the belief of the New York Port Authority, who have scrapped the “Freedom Tower” name for the new skyscraper being built where the World Trade Centers once stood.

It won’t be surprising to see former Gitmo detainees given cushy apartments in the new building, paid for by American taxpayers of course, in the hopes that if terrorists think one of their own is living there, they won’t attack it. And if it is attacked, eh, we can just blame Bush for torturing them… again.

Do you get the feeling that, by scrapping the name of “Freedom Tower” that has been planned for quite a while, we’ve accelerated the long, slow, painful global process of apologizing for, and being ashamed of, freedom and prosperity? Come on folks — if we really wanted the building to be attacked we’d call it “AIG,” but let’s not shy away from “Freedom.” Put “Freedom” up in lights, for cryin’ out loud.

The Port Authority reports they’re having trouble renting space in the new building, and I suppose that’s understandable, but the bureaucratic mindset of government is really on display when we take into account the Authority’s apparent belief that potential tenants will feel less risk if the name “Freedom” isn’t on the building.

What will the building be called now, if anything? In the current political climate I’d suggest any of the following:

–The Bailout Belfry
–The High Rise of Hope
–Don’t Attack This Building and We’ll Give You Cash!
–Stimulus Steeple
–World ‘Spread the Wealth Around’ Center
–Socialism Tower
–The ‘It’s Our Fault’ Fort

Or maybe a corporate sponsor in direct partnership with The New Hope would be a good idea: “Price Unclenched Pfister”

Remember the America that wanted to rebuild the WTC’s with the following design this after 9/11 as a message to those who sought to bring us down? I miss that America. The unapologetic attitude about freedom is still out there if you look hard enough (as long as you don’t look in Washington), so maybe it’s not too late for this design after all:


Author: Doug Powers

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