Shocker: Government Cancels Planned Protest of Government

People are blowing a huge opportunity to score a serious point if they don’t still show up to this event:

CAPE CORAL, Fla. – A tea party to protest government spending and taxing is canceled. Canceled by the government. Why? They feel too many people could show-up.

Lynn Rosko planned to hold a tax payer tea party at Jaycee Park in Cape Coral on April 1st. The idea was announced at a Cape Coral City Council meeting, then an e-mail blast by the Republican Party and it was mentioned in the local media.

With all of that attention, the City of Cape Coral felt there could be more than 500 people attending the tea party.

Therefore Rosko needed to get a permit and insurance for the event. Rosko says she’s not willing to get insurance and accept liability for something that a stranger could do. Rosko told WINK News, “I have rescinded any organizing or supervision or whatever you want to call it over this tea party on April 1st.”

Yep, as I wrote four weeks ago, Republicans are still way too polite to properly engage in this protest business. We need some serious training.

If protesters cave this easily, then the government knows all they have to do to quell protests will be to create ridiculous “permit” demands.

Come on, guys — it’s gonna take a lot more creativity and guts than this. If the colonists would have fretted about getting permits from the Brits, we’d be wearing powdered wigs and driving on the left side of the road right now.

Hey, what’s to prevent 10,000 people just happening to show up at the park all at the same time? Are people going to be arrested for just taking their kids to a park? If they are, the movement will take a whole new life from there.

Author: Doug Powers

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