Mama Voted for Obama

A relatively new kids book is available from the authors of “Why Mommy is a Democrat” and “Why Daddy is a Democrat.”

If you’re looking for a book for your children that will help nurture them toward a life of dependency, debt, mandatory volunteerism, sacrificing freedom in the name of junk science and abortion as a method of birth control, then “LittleDemocrats” is here to help your precious offspring end up as one of these.

Here’s the book:


How did they end up with that title? Because “Mama Voted for Teleprompter” didn’t rhyme.

The book “Why Mommy is a Democrat,” which was released in 2005, sums up the “progressive” philosophy nicely:


(Just don’t share the toys that you find in the dresser that has what mommy calls “the magic drawer,” kid)

To order any of the books, go to the website and tell the author that “books about Democrats are a human right” and as such he should provide them for free. As a good progressive, he’ll be cool with that.

N. Dakota Floods, World Yawns

There’s are major problems in North Dakota — severe flooding, people chased from their homes, evacuations, cold, wind and a dike that may not be able to hold back all the water. Sound familiar?

But where’s the president? Where’s Geraldo? Where’s the finger-pointing? Where’s FEMA handing out gift cards? Where’s that guy looting beer?

What’s the difference between New Orleans and Fargo. Nah, it’s not a “color” thing. It’s about independence, which breeds self-sufficiency and charity. Independent and free people can take care of things themselves and work together with their neighbors in crisis to solve problems. They don’t need the government, who is always the last on the scene anyway.

But which kind of people is the government creating? Is our current government hell-bent to make everyone dependent, teat-sucking morons who don’t know which way is up unless it comes written on a note attached to a government check, or is the government promoting self-sufficiency?

Look at the folks in N. Dakota. If that’s not a “community coming together for a common purpose” nothing is — but is this really what Obama has in mind when he speaks of “community” and “common purpose”? Of course not. President Obama and Congress want the nation and its people to resemble New Orleans immediately post-Katrina, not Fargo mid-flood.

North Dakota? The government and poverty pimps everywhere are never going to shine a light on how — and most importantly why — these people are going to get through this with little to no government assistance. It would be too counter-productive.

Oh well, at least something positive may come of all this — I saw this picture on Drudge that will no doubt be used by the Gorebots in a future fear-mongering commercial as “proof” of global warming.

“Melting icecaps are stranding puppies!”:


Obama Administration Suggests Changes to CBO Debt Projections Chart

The Washington Post published the following chart made by the Congressional Budget Office, which concluded that the U.S. will have to borrow nearly $9.3 trillion over the next decade to keep up with Hope-Mania:


The White House agreed with most the CBO’s analysis as far as the raw numbers go, but they suggested just a couple of minor modifications to the debt listings, and the Obama Administration has just made those changes available to the media:


Bummer: Obama Rules Out Legalizing Best Medicine for Tolerating Obama Policies

Given the ever-increasing Congress and White House-induced need for American taxpayers to “escape” these days, this is just plain cruel:

Obama told the audience gathered at the White House — and across the Web — that one of the most popular questions was whether legalization of [marijuana] would help pull the country out of the recession.

“I don’t think that is a good strategy to grow our economy,” he said.

Frito-Lay disagrees.

Casting Brilliance: Sean Penn to Star in Three Stooges Film

My own thinking is that Larry from the Stooges deserves to be more competently represented than this, but it’s fitting casting nonetheless:

Oscar-winner Sean Penn is trading in the drama for some serious laughter (and a few eye pokes) in his next big-screen role.

Penn will star in “The Three Stooges,” a rep for MGM has confirmed to Access Hollywood.

He will play “Stooge” Larry Fine, while Jim Carrey is in talks to play Jerome “Curly” Howard, the rep revealed.

Because of all the accolades Penn received for his movie “Milk,” my guess is that he plays Larry gay (with his lover, Hugo Chavez, hilariously portrayed by George Lopez)… and Penn will most certainly play the part “mentally challenged.” How can he help it?


Michigan Food Police, Start Your Engines

Here’s a story that will get the hackles of the cholesterol-cops raised so high that no other idiom could possibly reach them:

The West Michigan Whitecaps, a minor league baseball team, will be offering up major league cholesterol, carbohydrates and calories in an enormous hamburger being added to the menu this year at the Fifth Third Ballpark.

The 4-pound, $20 burger features five beef patties, five slices of cheese, nearly a cup of chili and liberal doses of salsa and corn chips, all on an 8-inch sesame-seed bun.

Here it is:


The Grand Rapids Press reports that anyone who eats the entire 4,800-calorie burger in one sitting will receive a special T-shirt and answer to the name “Michael Moore.”

It’s all part of the team’s master plan to make the asses of their fans so big that they all have to buy two tickets each.

It’s getting so things like the below “commercial” aren’t even jokes anymore:

Amber Alert Issued for Tim Geithner’s Compunction

In a story entitled “White House To Announce Tax Gap Task Force,” we find this gem:

“Over the next several months, the President will propose a series of legislative and enforcement measures to reduce such US tax evasion and avoidance,” Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner told the House Ways and Means Committee…

I think he’s serious too, because while Geithner’s was saying this he was trying to put handcuffs on himself.

That Geithner can say this with a straight face in spite of his past “tax issues” must be admirable to most politicians in Washington. This is like hearing Barney Frank say that we need to hunt down and rehabilitate all gay people.

In a related story, an Amber Alert has been issued for Tim Geithner’s compunction.

The Follow-Up Question Nobody Asked Obama

Much of the press is enamored with one response Obama gave at last night’s scripted press conference to a reporter’s question about why he didn’t come out negatively immediately after finding out about the AIG bonuses.

The reporter asked why it took Obama two days to react, and Obama’s icy stare was followed by the terse response of “I like to know what I talk about before I speak” is being praised by many members of the MSM as infallible word from on high.

However, it’s too bad nobody bothered (or, more likely, wasn’t given the opportunity) to ask an obvious follow-up question:

“Isn’t it true that if you’d have spent those same two days earlier on to actually read the bill you signed that there wouldn’t have been any AIG bonuses in the first place?”

That would have gotten somebody barred from future press conferences and probably earned them several days worth of uncomfortable cavity searching, but I’d praise any reporter with the guts to ask The One that question.

Prompter Coup: Goodbye ‘TOTUS,’ Hello ‘Console T-VOTUS’

Will TOTUS get jealous over this one? Or have we witnessed a flat-out prompter coup?

At last night’s press, Barack Obama scrapped his usual teleprompter for what appears to be a 52-inch television swiped from a 1988 man-cave that was placed at the back of the room.

For now we can refer to the new leader of the free world as “Console T-VOTUS” until we figure out what’s happened to TOTUS: