Barry of Arabia: Why Did the President Bow to King Abdullah?

Should President Obama have bowed to the Saudi King? Was he bowing at all? I have my own theory, but first, here’s the controversial picture that’s going around:


As Clarice Feldman at The American Thinker tells us, Miss Manners says this: Americans do not bow to foreign monarchs because that act signified the monarch’s power over his subjects.

Others are asking if the same people who mocked Bush for holding hands with the Saudi Prince (which somehow suddenly turned the most tolerant and inclusive political left and their accomplices in the MSM into hyper-inquisitive and tut-tutting homophobes on the march for traditional family values) will knock Obama for genuflecting to our oil masters.

But… was Obama bowing?

My theory is that the president was only somewhat stooped over because he was trying to show King Abdullah what was on the iPod he brought over for him as a present. Naturally, it ended up being little embarrassing and somewhat insulting to the Saudis due to Obama’s insistence on “keeping it real” with what was loaded into the King’s gift:


Update: As you might have guessed, the president’s whole “bowing to the King” thing was precipitated by his teleprompter:


Author: Doug Powers

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