Baffling Question of the Day: Why Are Anti-Capitalists Angry?

The media is reporting that “anti-capitalists,” among others, are rioting ahead of the G-20 summit in London. Why? Is it out of glee instead of anger — like when a team wins a championship?

If you’re an anti-capitalist, you’d think this is the best time to be alive. Anti-capitalists rule now — literally. Given the current global circumstances, anti-capitalists should be grinning like Michael Jackson at a Cub Scout sleepover. Capitalism is going the way of the dinosaur, 8-track tape and Pauly Shore’s movie career, so what are they complaining about?

Part of the problem is that many of the G20 protesters are anarchist anti-capitalists — meaning that they like the way Obama and the rest of the globalist socialists are going, except that it’s way too organized for their taste.

Author: Doug Powers

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