Fighting Fire With Pyre: More Obama Backdraft

Barack Obama could be more qualified to be president than he is to be a fireman:

From the well of the Turkish parliament, Obama warned “you cannot put out fire with flames,” arguing that brute force alone could not thwart extremism as he sent a flurry of coded messages throughout the Middle East.

You can’t put out a fire with flames? Really?

The president has never heard of “controlled burning”?

But the concern with Obama’s words goes beyond what seems to be his aversion to “fighting fire with fire.” It’s that he seems unwilling to even fight fire with water, because to do so is a heartless oppression of the fire.

Put on your flame retardant skivvies, folks — it could be a hot few years. Maybe Obama thinks you can’t put out a fire with fire, but that’s no reason to make the U.S resemble a big pile of dry wood, either.

Author: Doug Powers

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