Obama Townhall Meeting in Istanbul Exposes Dangerous Shortage of Turkish Moochers

Barack Obama, who is apparently running for president of Turkey now, held a townhall-style meeting in Istanbul, and the first thing that struck me was a dramatic shortage of people asking for health care, houses, cars and food. What gives? They blew their big chance!

Below is a video of the entire townhall meeting in Turkey, an event that proves America’s Democrat-controlled Congress and White House must do something to save the country that, judging from this video, is tragically devoid of the kinds of teat-seeking, ripe for exploitation, government-created moochers that liberals require for a global implementation of their policies:

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(h/t Freedom’s Lighthouse)

By the way, the president was in a lot of countries in the last few days, and obviously it would be easy to get mixed up as to exactly where you are on any given day. For example, during the Townhall meeting in Istanbul, Obama momentarily forgot which country he was in, but that’s when TOTUS came to the rescue:


Author: Doug Powers

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