Al Sharpton: Voluntary Nut Case

If almost anybody else had said this, I might have thought it was intended as a fairly well-concealed joke, but I’ve been watching Al Sharpton for too long to give him that benefit of the doubt.

Below is a steaming pile of audio from Sharpton’s radio show on which Al said that in Somalia they refer to the pirates — the same ones that were holding guns to the heads of Americans and others, and continue to stage attacks — as a “voluntary Coast Guard.” This would have been a little like calling David Berkowitz a member of the “volunteer fire department” or referring to Al Sharpton as a “legitimate reverend”:

Tune in tomorrow to the Reverend Sharpton Show to hear Al accuse the Navy SEALS who shot three members of the Somalian Coast Guard of raping a stripper!

(h/t RadioEqualizer)

Author: Doug Powers

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