Senate to Investigate if NSA Infringed on Congressional Copyright


Congress, the most thieving, nosiest bunch of snoops in the land, are concerned that the National Security Agency may have broken the law, and the Senate Intelligence (today’s contradiction in terms is brought to you by Wheaties, the breakfast of champions!) Committee is going to investigate:

The head of the Senate Intelligence Committee said Thursday that the panel would investigate reports that the National Security Agency improperly tapped into the domestic communications of American citizens.

The Justice Department confirmed Wednesday that it had reined in the NSA’s wiretapping activities in the United States after learning that the agency had improperly accessed American phone calls and e-mails while eavesdropping on foreign communications.

I can only assume that this information came to light after a member of congress was looking through a peephole into a taxpayer’s house figuring out how to swipe the slim remainder of his paycheck and spotted an NSA employee putting an unwarranted wiretap on the phone and turned him in as an affront to the Constitution.

Author: Doug Powers

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