Botanist Makes Shameless Attempt to Get Invited to White House

Schools are being re-named for Obama — roads are being re-named for Obama — but what about new species of lichen? That’s covered now too:

A newly discovered species of lichen – a plant-like growth that looks like moss or a dry leaf – has been named after President Obama.

Kerry Knudsen, lichen curator of the University of California, Riverside Herbarium, discovered the species in 2007 while doing a survey for lichen diversity on Santa Rosa Island in California.

“I named it Caloplaca obamae to show my appreciation for the president’s support of science and science education,” he said. “I made the final collections of C. obamae during the suspenseful final weeks of President Obama’s campaign for the United States presidency.”

This follows the discovery of a new insect species that was named after Vice President Biden: the Homedepotis Hairplugifi.

Author: Doug Powers

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