Obama’s Jesus Cover-Up

It seems to me that a committed “Christian,” as the president claims to be, though not always having to be in “spread the word” mode, certainly wouldn’t hide a symbol of the faith they profess to embrace with all their heart and soul.

This wasn’t the case at Georgetown University:

(CNSNews.com) – Georgetown University says it covered over the monogram “IHS”–symbolizing the name of Jesus Christ—because it was inscribed on a pediment on the stage where President Obama spoke at the university on Tuesday and the White House had asked Georgetown to cover up all signs and symbols there.

As of Wednesday afternoon, the “IHS” monogram that had previously adorned the stage at Georgetown’s Gaston Hall was still covered up — when the pediment where it had appeared was photographed by CNSNews.com.

NBC News is also reporting the same thing.

It’s explained that this was done to create a generic setting for a “policy speech.” Because who wants any reference to Jesus to get in the way of wealth transfer?

Here are three pictures — the top one is from a photo of the pediment in Gaston Hall that I Googled that was taken long before Obama’s speech, the next picture is the photo of the same pediment that CNS News snapped after Obama’s speech while it was still covered up, and the third is of Obama speaking in front of the covered-up pediment:



Okay, you’re a Christian but want to deliver a “generic” speech, so instead of just finding a secular setting free of any religious symbols at all, you give the speech in religious surroundings and cover up any symbols of Jesus Christ that happen to be in the way? This speaks volumes on the nature of the egos that are in charge, and speaks even larger volumes about this “deeply Christian” president who hasn’t managed to find a church in DC yet and somehow thinks that a Christian symbol impedes on the impact of his policy speeches. Maybe he just didn’t want people to be confused about exactly which lord to follow. Who knows?

Obama and his handlers certainly didn’t ask anybody in Istanbul to cover up any symbols of Allah in a mosque during a recent visit to Turkey — (click the pic for a slightly larger version — a video of the Mosque tour is here):


What would have happened if Obama’s people had said “cover that up” before the president would appear in a mosque? Yeah, it wouldn’t be pretty.

I’m not saying Obama’s a Muslim. I’m not saying he’s evil for covering up a symbol of Jesus Christ so he can talk about “hope” (ironic, eh?). I’m just saying he’s not the Christian he pretends to be.

However, in defense of the president, I can say with confidence that he doesn’t make a habit out of covering up or avoiding all “Christian” symbols:



The White House explains that the symbol behind the president was causing a potentially hazardous phenomenon called “teleprompter glare” and had to be covered up:


Update II: DNC Chairman claims Obama’s people didn’t ask the university to cover the symbol. So he’s claiming Georgetown officials lied, for lack of a better word. Why would they do that? A right-wing plot to make Obama appear un-Christian?

Author: Doug Powers

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