Controversy: Nat’l Portait Gallery Covers Up Obama Painting for Appearance of Jesus

Washington, DC (PNN): Artist Shepherd Fairey’s portrait of President Obama — which was unveiled at the National Portrait Gallery and has adorned a wall in the gallery since the beginning of Obama’s presidency — was covered while a portrait of Jesus appeared next to the Obama painting.

This stunning news comes hot on the heels of the controversy at Georgetown University, where the school covered up a symbol of Jesus at the request of the White House for an appearance by President Obama.

Here is the Obama portrait as it appeared at the Gallery last week before the arrival of the Jesus portrait:


And below is the same section of wall as it was discovered by a gallery security guard on Saturday morning, with a new portrait hanging next to the covered Obama portrait:


The news prompted the Obama administration to release the following statement: “We are disturbed and upset that a symbol of true hope to all mankind has been censored in a gross example of either right-wing pranksters, divine vandalism or some sort of anti-Hope conspiracy. We trust that the American people support our call to seek an apology from whoever or whatever perpetrated this insult to the faith of so many people.”

It was subsequently discovered that the Portrait Gallery “scandal” was not a prank, vandalism or conspiracy. Gallery curator and self-exposed member of the extremist and delusional Christian right movement, Bill Willingham, claims he received a new painting of Jesus for display, and covered up the Obama portrait at the request of Jesus Christ Himself. “Jesus wanted a simpler backdrop consistent with past appearances,” explained Willingham.

PNN will continue to investigate this story and relay details as they develop.

Author: Doug Powers

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