Paparazzi Startle Madonna’s Mount, Star in Stable Condition

nullNote: As part of the new “Truth in Headlines Act of 2009,” we have to say before the story begins that the following news has nothing to do with A-Rod, in spite of what the title implies.

A horse being ridden by Madonna threw her off, causing the singer to suffer minor injuries. It is not known at this time which side of the horse the pop diva was riding on, but the accident has caused the ongoing filming of “What Ever Happened to Baby Jane II” to be suspended indefinitely.

The manager of the stable believes that the black Appaloosa became agitated after finding out that Madonna was trying to adopt him, but the pop star claims photographers startled the horse.

Madonna suffers from a rare condition known as “Equinarazzi-phobia” — the fear of riding a horse without hoardes of media taking pictures of you.

Children in Malawi are reportedly happy to hear the news that Madonna is okay, but are thrilled nonetheless that she’ll not be able to visit for at least a week, giving them the opportunity to go outdoors for several days free from the fear of being plucked off the street to be used as a haughty American celebrity’s fashion accessory.

Author: Doug Powers

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