The Most Pro-Obama, Anti-Bush Star Trek Movie Review Ever!

About halfway through her Times-Online review of the new Star Trek movie, Debra Craine tells us all we really need to know:

Gone is the gloom of the last Star Trek film, Nemesis (2002), which seemed cast in the depressing shadow of George Bush’s post-9/11 America. The prequel, though conceived before the rise of Barack Obama, taps into the optimism of his presidency.

The film “taps into the optimism of the Obama presidency”? Ooh, I can’t wait! Captain Kirk will travel to Qo’noS and apologize to the Klingons for the past behavior of the Federation, and later refer to a book given to him by the Romulan leader entitled “101 Ways Earthlings Ruined the Galaxy” as “a nice gesture.”

After that, Kirk will sit through a Starfleet-bashing tirade by Khan Noonien Singh without flinching. And — this is the best part — if you want to see the movie, the tickets will be paid for by everybody who makes over $250,000 a year and/or charged to our unborn grandchildren! Count me in!

Watch for a rather awkward cameo appearance by Joe Biden as he enters the scene and says, “Stand up, Captain Pike!”

The original Captain Kirk helps sum up how I feel about Ms. Craine’s review:



It occurred to me that any optimistically Obamafied Star Trek movie should feature a touching romance between Nomad and Teleprompter:


(h/t Newsbusters)

Author: Doug Powers

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