Prison Economy Collapsing

Snack prices in Florida prisons have risen, and some aren’t happy about it:

Having to pay more for Honey Buns and other prison snack shop items has made inmates at Florida prisons and their families upset.

The state, which has the nation’s third largest state prison system, raised prices about three weeks ago under a new contract with an outside company. Since then, the department has gotten approximately 60 phone calls and letters from families complaining about the increases.

“The prices have increased dramatically,” one inmate’s family wrote in an e-mail to the department signed “concerned family.” “We have to send money to our loved one and now he can hardly buy anything substantial. Please can we fix this?”

No word on how many families that, rather than sending angry notes to the prison management complaining about the raised prices, instead sent letters to their imprisoned loved ones saying, “Next time stay out of jail, moron.”

And did the author of this story really need to use “Honey Buns” as the example? When you hear that in the joint, they’re not talking about a snack food.

If you couple the increase of snack prices with the skyrocketing cost of cigarettes, the prison economy is reeling.

The Onion has more on this:

Prison Economy Spirals As Price Of Pack Of Cigarettes Exceeds Two Hand Jobs

Author: Doug Powers

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