Joe Biden Risks Own Life to Prove Himself Wrong

Vice President Biden is putting his own life on the line to prove to Americans that they shouldn’t heed the advice of… Vice President Biden:

Vice President Joe Biden, who infamously advised Americans against entering confined transportation spaces during the current swine flu outbreak, will enter the Wilmington Amtrak train station in Delaware this morning.
But Biden will not be alone in his act of bravery. He’ll be joined in that transportation facility by a whole crowd of local, state and federal officials.

Biden’s selfless act of bravery is in defiance of advice the veep offered just last week.

So, if you want to have some fun today, go to the Wilmington Amtrak station and start sneezing all over the place and watch the politicians scramble.

Here’s a picture of Joe, all ready to go to the train station and mingle with the minions to prove to Americans that no silly little virus should disrupt our daily routine, in spite of what Joe said:


Author: Doug Powers

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