For First Time in Adult Life, Elmo Proud of Sesame Street

nullSESAME STREET (PNN): First Lady Michelle Obama recorded an appearance on Sesame Street, but the occasion was overshadowed by a famous character on the long-running program.

Mrs. Obama, along with the famous Muppets, taped a public service announcement promoting healthy living and exercise, but the statement that got the unfair and hateful far-right blogosphere buzzing came from Elmo, who was expressing his joy concerning the First Lady’s appearance on the program:

“For the first time in Elmo’s life, Elmo proud of Sesame Street.”

The remark fueled controversy on the normally quiet, publicly funded Sesame Street. After Elmo voiced his opinion, right wing extremist Oscar the Grouch denounced the statement as anti-Sesame Street rhetoric.

Speaking from a metal container sporting a “Keep your hands in your own can” sign, Mr. Grouch said, “If Elmo never liked it here, why did he stay so long? He makes more money than the rest of us — his toys sell better than anybody’s — but for some reason he can’t look at the fruits of what Sesame Street has brought him, and instead feels the need to bash the place that has blessed him so much. What’s different about Sesame Street today versus yesterday except for the fact that the First Lady showed up? Nothing! It’s the same Street it always was, except he didn’t appreciate it until today just because some selfish wish was fulfilled? How pathetic!”

Following his hateful tirade, Mr. Grouch was banned from traveling to the U.K.

Meanwhile, Bert and Ernie released a statement that expressed their joint support for Elmo, and then went on to mercilessly bash Miss California for her opinion on gay marriage.

Elmo has denied any left-wing affiliations, but, during an appearance on Bill O’Reilly’s program on the conservative water-carrying cable network Fox News, the lovable character was asked to explain this photograph:


After a moment of thought, Elmo claimed the photo was taken in passing after the Reverend Wright’s appearance on Sesame Street when he recorded a “‘G’ is for God damn America” segment that Elmo at no time paid any attention to.

We’ll have more on this story as it develops.


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Author: Doug Powers

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