Gitmo Detainees May Be Released in DC So They Feel More at Philosophical Home

The Bush Doctrine of “Fight them over there so we don’t fight them over here” is on the verge of being dismantled and being replaced by the Obama Doctrine, which is “Bring them over here so we don’t violate their rights over there.”

From the NY Daily News:

A large federal security operation is in place to keep tabs on several Guantanamo Bay inmates who may soon be released in Virginia, the Daily News has learned.

A half-dozen ethnic Chinese detainees known as Uyghurs will be flown by marshals from the U.S. naval base in Cuba to live in the Washington suburbs if lingering legal, logistical and political problems are ironed out, government officials said Thursday.

This is insane! All that anti-American criminal scum in Washington, DC? And then to throw the detainees into the mix?

It certainly wouldn’t be a bad deal for the prisoners. Allowing Gitmo detainees to run free in liberal-dominated Washington, DC is like letting Amy Winehouse serve her parole in a poppy field.

But wait — not so fast — maybe Democrats are threatened by the looming competition: Attorney General Eric Holder told a nervous Congress that detainees won’t be released in the U.S. Holder then re-opened the DC door by saying that “determinations have not yet been made.”

So where will they go if not to the U.S.? China doesn’t want ’em back. Maybe Obama could keep the terror suspects here and train them to blow up the income tax records of all incoming cabinet members.

Author: Doug Powers

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