Pelosi: CIA Waterboarded Me Into Admitting Prior Knowledge of Interrogation Methods

WASHINGTON, DC (PNN): House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, after months of denying any knowledge of interrogation methods approved by the Bush administration, in spite of mounting evidence against her claim, has finally admitted knowledge of the CIA’s controversial technique of waterboarding.

The Speaker, however, claims that she did so under extreme duress after being subjected to cruel and inhumane waterboarding, and has since withdrawn her confession and sought the assistance of the American Civil Liberties Union.

Pelosi’s office released the following photo of people the Speaker claims are CIA operatives mercilessly waterboarding her until she confessed to prior knowledge of Bush-approved waterboarding:


Intelligence community officials are questioning the authenticity of the photo, and the CIA denies Pelosi’s allegations, claiming that the weekend in question they have proof that the Speaker was not being waterboarded, but was aboard an Air Force B-52 she comandeered to fly her to a facelift appointment in San Francisco.

President Obama appeared briefly in the White House Rose Garden to offer a brief statement about Pelosi’s accusation, but instead ended up welcoming Afghan President Karzai to the United States because the teleprompter was still stuck on the previous day’s speech. Karzai had already departed for home several hours earlier.

Author: Doug Powers

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