Monday’s Column: The Jokes We Didn’t Hear

Today’s column, as many do, spun off from something posted here on the blog a couple of days ago.

Wanda Sykes was the headliner at Saturday’s White House Correspondents Dinner, and did a number on Republicans — even going as far as to joke about Rush Limbaugh being the 20th hijacker — but she left a lot of material on the table. Specifically anything funny about the person who is often the butt of the jokes at these functions: The President.

So I thought I’d help out and offer the jokes that should have been told on Saturday night, but weren’t. Give a read to “The joke’s not on Obama” for the whole story.

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Update: Lots of email about this column, but a few people were upset because somebody dared blaspheme The One. An example of the disenchanted came from Calethia H.:

I don’t need to hear those jokes. I hear enough negative crap about the President when the new recaps Rush and Cheney. So keep them in your study and laugh at them in “your” free time.

Author: Doug Powers

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