Gay Marriage Proponents Dealt a Trump Card

I’ll bet Perez Hilton’s tutu is in a wad over this one:

Donald Trump will let Miss California USA Carrie Prejean keep her title despite controversy over semi-nude photos and charges by state pageant officials that she had abandoned her duties to devote time to opposition to same-sex marriage.

“We’re in the 21st century,” Trump said, explaining Prejean is a model.

I love how Trump used the “progressive” argument to justify his decision to those who claim to be progressives.

Naturally, this flap had little to nothing to do with any “semi-nude” pictures (click here for photo of topless gay marriage opponent) and everything to do with her position on gay marriage. The left in California — gatekeepers of the Mecca of unclothed frivolity and bathhouse Twister in the modern age that is Hollywood — actually wants everybody to believe they were offended by the possibility Miss California showed a titty?

Hell, if it weren’t for Prejean’s opinion on gay marriage, not only would her crown not have been challenged over the nude picture story, but she’d probably be auditioning for Steven Soderbergh as we speak.

The left might want to now reconsider asking open-ended questions to pageant contestents — this “personal opinion” thing could get out of hand, and the last thing those guarantors of free speech rights want is a bunch of people being allowed to freely give honest answers to their questions.

Here’s Trump and his semi-permeable hair reminding everyone that Prejean’s answer to the gay marriage question was the same one given by President Obama — another rap upside the left’s head:

Author: Doug Powers

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