A Solution for Cheerios in the Fight Against FDA Cereal Killers

The Food and Drug Administration has sent the CEO of General Mills a letter warning the company that their claim that Cheerios can “lower your level of cholesterol 10% in one month” qualifies the cereal as a “drug,” and no drug in the U.S. can be legally marketed without an approved new drug application.

Here’s the actual letter sent to General Mills. Do the health Fife’s at the FDA get off on their jobs, or what?

But the solution for Cheerios is simple, and it’ll also satisfy the government while probably helping the company achieve a record-setting year for sales.

Give up on the cholesterol claims and go the herbal route, General Mills. This will allow you to skirt any government health regs and make any claim you like — and you’ll probably sell a few boxes to certain FDA employees while you’re at it:


Author: Doug Powers

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