‘Irreconcilable Differences’: Obama at Notre Dame

Darnit… “Fair minded words” wasn’t on my drinking game list. Neither was “One human family.” I can’t believe I didn’t include that! But Obama did hit on “common ground,” “climate change” and many more on the list.

Here’s the quote of the day as it concerns anti-abortion and pro-abortion camps: “The fact is that at some level, the views of the two camps are irreconcilable.”

Do we ever hear Obama say views are “irreconcilable”? I’ve never heard him say this about Al Qaeda or Kim Jong Il. I’ll at least give Obama credit for realizing that possibly recognizing that a compromise on abortion would be tough, because it would be a little difficult to only half-kill a fetus.

Obama also called for everyone to be “open minded” about the abortion issue. Geez, if you said “let’s be open-minded about waterboarding” you’d get kicked in the teeth by pacifists.

Here’s the whole speech. TOTUS wants to play some hoops. The protesters pop up briefly at about the 3:15 mark:

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Update: Listen carefully and you can hear a baby crying while Obama speaks about abortion. Heh heh.

Author: Doug Powers

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