Obama Notre Dame Speech Inspires Pro-Choice Liberals to Become Catholics

nullSouth Bend, IN (PNN): President Obama’s inspiring speech at Notre Dame on Sunday afternoon, in which the president called for a “fair minded” approach to the issue of abortion to the wild applause of graduates of the Catholic university, has inspired pro-choice liberals to consider Catholicism as a religious lifestyle.

A recent Pew survey found that 45% of people describing themselves as “pro-abortion” on fetal values and “liberal” politically were more likely to consider joining the Catholic Church now that it has, by virtue of being in absentia on the debate, removed baby killing through the third trimester from its platform of out-dated and non-progressive principles.

“I was looking for a religion that didn’t compromise my tightly-held beliefs,” said Monica Hapman, a receptionist at Planned Parenthood of South Bend. “Notre Dame and the Vatican’s providing of a forum for President Obama to present his views on the often overlooked virtues of rightness, morality, idealism and hope that can accompany slaughtering the unborn for purposes of convenience were a big turn-on for me.”

Hapman, who says she is liberal politically and spends her free time lobbying the government to end the horrific practice of waterboarding terrorist suspects, now describes herself as “at least 50% more likely to advise parents I meet to send their kids to Notre Dame if they them live.”

Others surveyed said that they would be more likely to attend Catholic churches and universities if abortion and other formerly frowned-upon activities were to be accepted as non-sins because it would cut down on the confession time — a major reason many people avoid the Catholic church, according to an internal Vatican study.

In addition to the 45% who are more likely to consider Catholicism since Obama’s speech, a full 60% of those who describe themselves as social liberals said they would consider becoming Catholic if the church would drop its opposition to gay marriage, and a whopping 85% said they would join if they “stopped talking about the Virgin Mary and Jesus so much.”

Obama Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said that the president will lecture Catholics on being more fair-minded about those issues when he delivers next year’s Notre Dame commencement address. The Vatican couldn’t be reached for comment.

Author: Doug Powers

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