Will Obama Regs Make Cars More Dangerous?

In a knave new world dominated by environmental hypocrites, self-serving bureaucracy addicts, power-hungry pinkocrats and doctorate level myth managers, it’s clear that if we stay on our present course, the government is going to save us to death.

Vehicle standards agreed upon by a group of people who are presiding over some of the greatest failures in the history of failures (eventually they’ll get something right… won’t they?) is just one example of the danger the government might be putting us in so they can save us:

The government says no tradeoff exists, because nothing in the new rules would force automakers to sell more small cars, which are more dangerous in crashes than larger ones. But some safety experts think otherwise.

“The deadlines are so tight that downsizing will be a tempting compliance strategy” for automakers, says John Graham, the former rulemaking chief in the Office of Management and Budget.

The plan requires automakers to sell cars that average 35.5 miles-per-gallon by 2016, a little more and a lot sooner than current law. It has been heralded as a brilliant solution to the nettlesome mix of problems related to fuel consumption and greenhouse-gas emissions.

And why wouldn’t cars be more dangerous? It’s only a matter of time before you’re going to be sitting in a kumquat-powered biodegradable egg carton with cucumber slices for wheels that you paid $79,000 for, traveling down the highway at 50 hours per mile heading for a job you forgot you lost 6 months earlier because your company was taxed out of existence to save the environment — and you’ll be killed in a head-on collision with John Kerry’s stretch limo.

Oh well… if we keep being led down this “green” path, we’re all going to end up in the same place anyway — in Al Gore’s bellah:


Author: Doug Powers

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