Gaming Company Sees Obama’s iPod for the Queen and Raises Him One Gold-Plated Wii

This is going to make the iPod that Obama gave Queen Elizabeth look wimpy in comparison:

The Nintendo Wii has positioned itself as the gaming console for everybody. As it turns out, that includes the Queen of England. Well, sort of. It’s not like Her Royal Highness went down to Wal-Mart and bought one with her summer job savings. Rather, she was given a special version by gaming company THQ.

What makes the Queen’s “Royal Wii” different? It’s gold-plated, sucka! None of that lame white plastic for Buckingham Palace — the Queen needs her bling! Gaming blog Joystiq reports that the gaming company is hopeful that the PR stunt “will amuse Queen Elizabeth.”

Yeah, but is the Wii loaded with Obama’s speeches? Maybe it will once Obama’s people have a “chat” with THQ.

Actually, the Queen likes to play Wii bowling (check out this picture). This is strike two for Obama, because, well, you know how he is at bowling.

For Obama’s next trip to England, the president’s going to have to trump this. Maybe a diamond encrusted teleprompter? A shiny new Rhodium-plated sceptre engraved with his inaugural speech?

Hopefully somebody asks the Queen which gift was her favorite. I’m guessing that, for Queen, Wii are the champions. Sorry…

Author: Doug Powers

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