Hillary: It Takes a Village to Halt Jewish Settlements

Hillary Clinton couldn’t keep her own husband from bonking tubby, pizza wielding interns, so I’m skeptical about her ability to convince Israel to stop settlement activity.

From the Jerusalem Post:

Sharp differences emerged between the US and Israel over the settlement issue on Wednesday – one day after Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu concluded his first official visit to the White House – with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton calling for an absolute stop to all settlement activity and sources close to the prime minister saying the terms of a settlement freeze still needed to be defined.
“We want to see a stop to settlement construction, additions, natural growth – any kind of settlement activity,” declared Clinton in some of the Obama administration’s clearest comments to date on what it expects from Israel. She was speaking to Al-Jazeera in an interview, of which the State Department released a transcript on Wednesday.

Some believe that halting “natural growth” even means no net gain in population — as in “hey Jews over there, stop having babies.” So maybe we’re going to end up paying to build a bunch of Planned Parenthood places in Israel as the “solution” to the Israel/Palenstine conflict.

In any case, if you complain about illegals who pour across our borders and set up shop in the U.S., you’re called racist and intolerant. When Jews set up settlements in “Palestinian territory,” all of a sudden the likes of Hillary Clinton care vehemently about policing defined borders. Go figure. Maybe the trick is to convince the Obama administration that Jews are trying to sneak into the U.S. via Mexico to build settlements in Palestine, Texas.

Author: Doug Powers

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