‘We’re From the Government and We’re Here to Enhance Your Computer Security’


What could possibly go wrong?:

President Obama is expected to announce late this week that he will create a “cyber czar,” a senior White House official who will have broad authority to develop strategy to protect the nation’s government-run and private computer networks, according to people who have been briefed on the plan.

The adviser will have the most comprehensive mandate granted to such an official to date and will probably be a member of the National Security Council but will report to the national security adviser as well as the senior White House economic adviser, said the sources, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the deliberations are not final.

The Obama administration is fulfulling its goal of containing more czars than a Russian history book.

In the corridors of power in Washington, DC, they’ve figured out that if you call someone a “czar,” you can side-step any annoying confirmation procedures and other constitutional issues and still create what is in essence a rogue, unchecked cabinet post.

Don’t you wish you could do the same?

IRS: Hey, you cheated on your taxes.

You: I don’t have to follow the prescribed system because I appointed a tax czar to file my return.

IRS: Okay.

Author: Doug Powers

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