The Whores of Gorebylon

Going “green” can be a boost to the economy… if you’re a prostitute. Perhaps this could be a topic for Al Gore’s sequel, “An Inconvenient Booty Call”:

The global climate challenge may have been on the daytime agenda during the recent World Business Summit climate conference in Copenhagen, but in the evenings many businessmen, politicians and civil servants are reported to have availed themselves of the capital’s prostitutes.

“We’ve been extremely busy. Politicians also need to relax after a long day,” says ‘Miss Dina’, herself a prostitute.

Good for the economy

Nyhedsbrevet 3F called various escort agencies and prostitutes to hear whether they had been busier than normal during the climate conference – and all agreed; summits in Copenhagen are good for the economy.

This could be fun to go to just to hear environmentalists pulling up to the curb and saying “What’ll ya do for 50 carbon credits?”

It’s okay though, the hookers are doing it “Gore style,” meaning that they’re using hybrid sex toys, hemp whips, biodegradable condoms, and if you yell Al Gore’s name during an orgasm they give you 10% off — then they get on their private jets and fly home.

Climate change may be shrinking the penis bones of Greenland polar bears, but it has the opposite effect on environmental conference-goers.

Environmental Update: Arrgh! We’re all gonna die faster than the “very fast” we originally thought (click here for that story — photo taken just before the fellas went out whorin’…)

Author: Doug Powers

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