Dodd and Obama’s Oversight: What if a Minor Wants to Charge an Abortion?

Sen. Chris Dodd of Connecticut, the mortgage opportunist who allowed AIG bonuses to stay in the stimulus bill and then later bashed the people who got the bonuses (but who was also happy to accept AIG’s campaign donations), demonstrates his priorities in a new campaign ad.

In the ad, President Obama touts Dodd’s leadership in passing credit card reform, and expresses pride that kids under 18 can no longer get a credit card without parental approval.

But, Dodd and Obama do believe that that same kid should be able to cross state lines for an abortion without parental approval.

So, rest easy — if you have a minor daughter, she could kill your grandchild without your permission, but she won’t be able to buy clothes at the mall with a Mastercard afterwards. Whew!

But here’s a question that may lead to the ultimate dilemma for the liberal politician: What if the pregnant minor wants to charge the abortion?

Back to the drawing board for an amendment: No minor shall be issued a credit card without parental approval unless said card is only used at Planned Parenthood, or for DNC campaign donations.

Author: Doug Powers

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