Clarence Thomas: ‘Regular Old Guy’ Delivers High School Commencement

I’m a big fan of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. The guy has taken unbelievable heat over the years because he’s a black man with the audacity to not drink the liberal Kool Aid, but somehow he appears to be untarnished and unjaded by it all and seems to be a grounded human being — and a couple of high school football players from Maryland appreciate it.

It’s nice to see stories like this from time to time:

High school seniors Terrence Stephens and Jason Ankrah, star football players at Quince Orchard High School in Gaithersburg, Md., were sitting on a plane returning from a recruitment session at the University of Nebraska when they struck up a conversation with the man sitting next to them. Their seat-mate just happened to be a major Cornhuskers fan.

When they started chatting, Stephens and Ankrah didn’t have a clue they were holding court with Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

“I was amazed this guy knew so much about us as football players and as people,” said Stephens. “That was shocking. I felt honored to be known by someone of his caliber. He was just a regular old guy, sitting in coach, which really shocked me.”

By the time the plane landed, the students had figured out who Thomas was, and they promptly told their principal they wanted to invite Thomas to give the keynote speech at their high school graduation. Of course, Principal Carole Working didn’t exactly think Thomas would take them up on it. But he showed up at the high school on Monday.

Thomas did end up delivering the commencement address at Quince Orchard. Here’s the story:

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Author: Doug Powers

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