Blame for Holocaust Museum Shooter Thrown in Wrong Direction

It’s an unfortunate and all-too-common practice to take a tragedy and twist it to fit your own political purpose, but the loon who killed a security guard at the Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC proves that this has become a political national pastime of sorts.

Lefties — in these two examples from the Daily Kos — have linked the murderer, James W. von Brunn, to Rush Limbaugh (for a pretty lame and weak reason — heck, I’ve made Obama birth certificate jokes as well, so obviously I’m also partly accountable for the museum murderer), and, of course, to the conservative “tea party” movement.

In actuality, as is reported in the Examiner, von Brunn left behind a vast trail of writings, making it clear that he hated neocons, Bush, McCain and other Republicans, and was also a 9/11 conspiracy kook.

Hmm, who else hates Bush? This means the gunman has more in common with the aforementioned Kos lefties than Rush Limbaugh or tea partiers — but I hesitate to mention that because, like I said earlier, it’s unfortunate when people do that — unless it’s for reasons of self-defense.

The fact is the guy was just plain nuts, and both the right and left need to admit that and move on — but what are the odds that will happen?

(h/t GatewayPundit)

Author: Doug Powers

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