Toys You Grew Up With That Would Be Banned Today

nullDoug Ross does Irwin Mainway and his “Johnny Space Commander Mask” toy (seen left) proud with an impressive list of toys that you may have grown up playing with that would be banned these days.

And hey, the people who played with some of these toys as kids only managed to go on to invent the airplane, cure polio and go to the moon, so it’s a good thing our lives are safer and we’re making greater progress now that life is being made risk-free.

The toy at the top of the list is “Lawn Darts.” Don’t tell the safety police, but in the barn here at the compound we have a full set of something called “Jarts — missile game” — lawn darts on steroids. The tips are made of metal, they’re sharp, heavy, fun to play with, and make a hell of a home-defense weapon.

Author: Doug Powers

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