The Boxer Rebellion: Biggest Moron in Senate Demands Respect From General

Here’s a video featuring Brig. Gen. Michael Walsh referring to California Sen. Barbara Boxer — possibly the dumbest Senator in Washington (now that Biden’s no longer there and provided Chuck Schumer’s out of town) — as “Ma’am.”

Boxer took offense and insisted upon being called “Senator,” because she’s “worked so hard to get that title.” Yeah, straddling the public trough and riding it for several years like a rodeo cowboy (er, cowperson… sorry, ma’am) really means you’ve earned respect.

And I’m sure the General worked really hard to avoid being rudely grilled by a mentally challenged, sniveling assclown of a liberal Senator, but we can’t have everything, can we ma’am?

I was hoping Boxer’s insistance upon being called “Senator” instead of “Ma’am” would have been met with the response of, “Fine. Go f**k yourself, Senator.”

Author: Doug Powers

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