Photo Search for Sanford Mistress, Maria Belen Shapur, Yields Beaver Shot

Fox News is reporting that Mark Sanford’s Venezuelan mistress is said to be a “professional, passionate and beautiful brunette.”

Nobody seems to be able to find a picture of her though, but it’s certainly not for a lack of trying.

I gave it a shot at Google Images — searching the name of the woman, Maria Belen Shapur — and here was the top search result:


Yes, that’s the MIT beaver mascot. I could make a connection here, but I refuse to lower myself.

The search turned up a few other completely unrelated things as well.

Hey, maybe Sanford was up to something else in Venezuela (if that’s where he was) and “Maria Belen Shapur” is just his version of Captain Tuttle from M*A*S*H*. Ya never know with politicians these days.

Update: Actual photo found?

Author: Doug Powers

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