Obama’s Kenyan Birth Certificate for Sale on eBay? (Updated)

Bid at your own risk.

Update: As a commenter said, the above link/listing was removed from eBay — that’s the 2nd time it’s been removed. But now it’s back up for a third time here.

Update II: Looks like it’s been banned for good now … not because it wasn’t necessarily genuine, but because it violated a “term of service” that I mentioned below).

Suggestion: Since this “item” has been banned from eBay seemingly for good, one way this person can prove that he actually believes he has the document in his possession would be to approach Joseph Farah from WorldNetDaily, who has offered a fair amount of cash for witnesses to Obama’s birth. Though this seller didn’t witness the birth, I’m sure Farah would be willing to work out a deal if this is in fact Obama’s birth certificate. If the seller doesn’t at least entertain this suggestion, then I’ll believe this to be nothing more than another attempted hoax.

The previous parts of this post are below….

The minimum bid on the new listing was $1,000 and, as of 1:30pm EDT Saturday, somebody has bid $1,075 — and the “Buy it now” price has gone up to $10 million (from $1 million on the original posting), just in case you had that much in your PayPal account that you wanted to roll the dice with.

The seller claims that eBay notified him that they removed the listing the first time “for the safety of his own eBay account,” explaining that they thought the sellers account had been compromised by a third party. The reason for the second removal was, according to the seller, “that birth certificates and other forms are government ID are prohibited on eBay.” According to the seller, one of the previous listings had bids up to $5,500 when it was removed and he had to start over.

But the third listing has been up a while.

Either the seller is a very persistent kook/hoaxer, or he’s really got something there and it’s making certain people nervous.

I’m a little upset, because if that’s real, it means that last year I wasted a hundred bucks on a fake:


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