Michael Jackson’s Father: WTF?

As one who has also lost a child (no matter how old they are, they’re still your “children”), I know that people grieve in ways that sometimes might look odd, or even “cold” to the casual observer, but Joe Jackson is really perplexing, though at the same time not very surprising, in this interview with CNN outside the BET Awards.

The interview is strange enough (he speaks of his son like he’s a “product” and not a person and the most emotional words have to be read by a spokesperson), but it’s at the 3:15 mark when a man whose son just died uses the occasion to pitch a new record company that it gets surreal. This is also an insight into what happens when a family ceases to be a family and turns into a business.

Joe Jackson comes across more like the owner of a chain of restaurants answering questions about the closing of his most lucrative location than a father whose son just died:

Author: Doug Powers

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