When Moonbats Moonwalk: Caller to Al Sharpton Show Even Crazier Than Al Is

Did Sarah Palin step down because she “did something” to Michael Jackson and she’s trying to hide it? Maybe Michael was collateral damage in an aerial hunting accident. That’s my theory.

If this wasn’t the Al Sharpton Show, I might assume that this caller was just trying to make a joke, but I’m going to assume she’s crazy based on the fact that she was listening to the Al Sharpton Show.

In any case, listen to what happens to the brain when you leave a car running in a closed garage for too long:

Monday’s Column: Obama Wants to Meet Gates, Crowley and His Momma Outside for a Beer

In today’s column I talk a little about President Obama inviting Professor Gates and Officer Crowley over to the White House for a beer to “discuss” the incident of Gates’ arrest.

Read why Crowley shouldn’t accept the invite in “Gates of babble-on.”

Here’s a video from 1999 showing Professor Gates getting laughs from every black stereotype in the book while blasting white people for… being white. This guy’s nothing more than “Reverend Wright, east-coast edition”:

Blog Notes for Next Week, and a Book Pitch

Early last week, Michelle Malkin was good enough to send me an advanced copy of her book that is officially released tomorrow:


Click on the above pic to order a copy from Amazon. It’s a fantastic read in the “non-fiction political horror” genre, and it’s a must-read for everybody who’s concerned about where this country is being taken — and even more of a must-read for those unaware where it’s being taken but who need to be made aware.

And make sure to check out the “Acknowledgements” on page 292 — thanks to Michelle for the nice shout-out.

Anyway, Michelle’s starting the book tour thing Monday-ish, so I’ll be pitching in with guest posts on her blog, so be sure to check here and there for new stuff beginning at some point early next week.

I’ll still post here time permitting, and my regular column will be up at WND tomorrow morning.

As for the remainder of the day, I’m going to be eating KFC, having a couple of beers, and watching the Tigers/White Sox game and hoping Detroit can finish off a sweep of Chicago. Follow along at 8 p.m. on ESPN. (Game update: Crap.)

‘Here She Is, Miss…. Whoever She Is’

Saudi Arabia has crowned a new “Queen of Beautiful Morals.” The winner was Aya Ali al-Mulla — just in case you had any money riding on it.

A country that sentences women to 200 lashes for the crime of being raped holding a “morals” contest seems a bit absurd, but it does happen nonetheless — and all without any contestant showing her face (or anything else):

Saudi beauty queen Aya Ali al-Mulla trounced 274 rivals to win a crown, jewellery, cash and a trip to Malaysia, and all without showing her face, Saudi media reported on Friday.

With her face and body completely covered by the black head-to-toe abaya mandatory in the conservative Muslim kingdom, 18-year-old Mullah was named “Queen of Beautiful Morals” late on Thursday, newspapers said.

There was none of the swimsuit and evening gown competitions and heavy media coverage of beauty pageants elsewhere when the contest was decided in the eastern city of Safwa.

Instead, the winner and the two runner-up princesses had to undergo a three-month test of their dutifulness to their parents and family, and their service to society.

Yeah, but did any of the judges ask about her opinion on gay marriage?

Obama Invites Gates, Crowley Over for Beer and Racial Sensitivity Training

nullEverybody knows that any racial dispute can be defused simply by adding alcohol to the situation, and with that in mind, President Obama invited Henry Gates and Officer Crowley over for a beer to push the “reset” button and try to convince Crowley how he was profiling and didn’t even know it.

Gates has accepted Obama’s offer, so it sounds like the table is set for a nice, well-rounded and fair meeting. That’s because Crowley might not show up, because he has yet to accept the invite.

The only condition under which I’d like to see Crowley accept the invitation is if he brings his mother and lets Gates literally meet his mama outside.

I’m not comfortable in the least whenever a citizen gets arrested on his own property when he didn’t commit any kind of crime — maybe that’s a policy issue for the police department to address — but for the president and the “victim” to immediately attribute the arrest to racism further sours race relations they claim to be trying to heal, but maybe that’s by design.

Besides, it’s not like the cop just showed up on his own to arrest a black guy. Somebody called the police. If there’s a racist to be found, maybe Gates should start by talking to some of his own neighbors.

You know, this situation would make for a good Bud Light ad:

Bud Light presents: Real men of race-baiting (♫ “Reeaaal men of race-baitiiiiinnnng…” ♫)

Today, we salute you, Mr. anti-racial profiling racial profiler guy. (♫ “Mr. Anti-Racial Profiling Racial Profiler Guy!” ♫)

Armed with knowledge of a long history of past injustice and a laundry list of “yo mama” jokes, you proudly defend yourself against the racist cop who showed up assuming you were a crook. And why? Because somehow that racist made one of your own neighbors call the cops on you. (♫ “Put that night-stick away!” ♫)

Undaunted in your quest to prove that the best way to win the long struggle to end profiling is by assuming that all white cops are racists, you demonstrate that oppression has to have been experienced to be understood. And who better understands the nightmare of minority oppression in America than a university professor who earns a high six-figure salary and has summers off?

So crack open an ice cold Bud Light, oh beacon of blind assumptions. Because ironically, even though the honkies are out to get you, you’ll always be welcome in the White House.

McCain Campaign Investigated Obama Birth Certificate Rumors

According to this piece by David Weigel, the McCain campaign — more specifically, its lawyers — looked into the Obama/birth certificate thing and couldn’t source the rumors to any factual evidence. Of course, the McCain team also found no truth to the rumor that there wasn’t a chance in hell they could win the election, so take the results of their Obama investigation for what it’s worth.

It’s probably as good a time as any to admit that I was also what they call a “birther.” No, not for Obama — for McCain. After it became clear that John McCain was going to be the Republican nominee, I did everything I could to try and prove that McCain wasn’t a natural born US citizen and therefore not eligible to be president — I failed, McCain was the nominee, and the GOP lost the White House big time.

Actually, according to Snopes, the issue of “John McCain does not qualify as a natural-born citizen of the U.S. because he was born in Panama” is considered to be of “undetermined” status. BUT, Snopes has determined the same accusation as it concerns Barack Obama to be “false.”

Frankly, I think Snopes.com is a hoax — and I only write that to see if I can get Snopes to create a page debunking the accusation.

That’s What the Police Union Gets for Endorsing McCain

Concerning the arrest of Obama’s friend, Harvard Professor Henry “I’ll meet your mama outside” Gates, the Fraternal Order of Police issued a statement condemning Obama’s “stupidly” comment, as well as Obama’s instinctive assumption that the arrest was racially motivated.

Why did Obama shoot from the hip with that comment about the police officer without doing his trademark pause to think through the implications of what he was about to say? It might have something to do with the fact that the Fraternal Order of Police endorsed McCain for president.

If the FOP had endorsed Obama and were already in his pocket, do you think the politician seeking re-election in Obama would have caught himself before he said what the community organizer seeking retribution in Obama wanted to say?

Heck, in some areas, the Fraternal Order of Police fits Homeland Security’s definition of “right wing extremist” groups, so Obama’s lack of appreciation for what these cops do and how they do it, along with his baseless accusations of racism, is hardly surprising.

Let’s just put it this way: When you have a vested interest in seeing ACORN metastacize, law enforcement officials doing their jobs by the book aren’t exactly welcome additions to the family of Hope and Change — and sometimes it shows.


The Fraternal Order of Police stupidly endorsed McCain/Palin, proving that the nation’s police force has a long way to go in the area of race relations

‘I’ll Meet Your Mama Outside!’: Arrest Report of Obama’s Pal Dr. Henry Gates

President Obama last night said he didn’t know all the facts about the arrest of his friend, Harvard Professor and “black scholar” Dr. Henry Gates, but he did manage to know enough facts to say that police “acted stupidly” and that race was clearly a factor in the arrest:

The arrest report is here. On the surface at least it looks like Gates has a bigger chip on his shoulder than an ant carrying a Dorito, but you be the judge. He sounds like a total dick if you ask me.

One telltale sign that Gates is your average ivory-tower liberal elitist professional outrage-peddler is evidenced by the fact that Gates was upset that the officer didn’t recognize him, and he comes across as someone so filled with race paranoia that he’s incapable of understanding that the officer wanted to make sure the home belonged to Gates for his own safety.

If there’s ever an emergency 911 call from Gates’ address, next time the police just might take the long way over there.

In the meantime, the arresting officer won’t apologize. And how about this for a high-kick finish:

The Cambridge cop prominent Harvard University professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. claims is a racist gave a dying Reggie Lewis mouth-to-mouth resuscitation in a desperate bid to save the Celtics superstar’s life 16 years ago Monday.

‘Nuff said. The officer and the entire Cambridge Police Department are the ones who should be demanding an apology — both from Gates and Obama.

Update: There’s a Henry Gates t-shirt for sale already. Capitalism lives! (h/t Michelle.)

Sheila Jackson Lee Says Something Dumb Again

Texas Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, fresh off the Michael Jackson memorial, never fails to entertain, and today is no different:

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) told activists rallying on Capitol Hill in support of the newly reintroduced Equal Rights Amendment (ERA), that the United States should join 27 other countries that have equality guarantees for women, including Rwanda, Algeria, China and Afghanistan.

“It does make a difference if an Equal Rights Amendment is in place or not,” Lee told the people who gathered outside of the Capitol on Tuesday.

“Twenty-seven other countries, including Rwanda, Afghanistan, Algeria and China have equality provisions,” Lee said.

Because when you think of equal rights, you think of Rwanda, Algeria, China and Afghanistan.

In the literal interpretation of “equal rights,” Lee is correct. In China, for example, dissidents are all equally thrown in prison or equally killed. Babies conceived to parents who already have one child are equally murdered.

Then there’s this from Marie Claire’s “Worst Places on Earth for Women”:

AFGHANISTAN: A woman dies during childbirth every half-hour, the highest maternal mortality rate in the world. Domestic violence is endemic; 87 percent of Afghan women have been assaulted by a family member.

Afghan women are just 13% away from the assaults being completely equal and fair!

The literacy rate for women in Afghanistan is 28%. In spite of that, any of those 72% of Afghan illiterate women would be more competent U.S. Reps than Sheila Jackson Lee.