Will a Socialist Obamabot ACORN Nut Soon Be Knocking On Your Door?

Now that public support for Obamacare is stumbling and falling like Kennedys at closing time, the Obama administration is mobilizing an army of socialists to canvass neighborhoods to get people to sign declarations of support for The One’s programs.

You can find out if you’re in danger of a visit (and when) by clicking on the picture below and going to the search page. Just type in your zip code. I think the search area defaults to 15 miles, but you can widen the area.


These Obama socialists and ACORN gestapo types are just plain creepy, and the effort has nothing to do with being “informative” and everything to do with intimidation.

The good news is that there’s every indication that they’re losing — the bad news is that they’ll ratchet up their tactics in coming days and weeks as a result.

You can also RSVP and say you’ll be joining them, then get a canvass route and go pass out anti-Obamacare literature. Or, be assigned a canvass route and then just go back home — either way, fewer area residents will be exposed to kook freeloading socialists and their puppet-masters’ propaganda. Just a thought.

Author: Doug Powers

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