More Cash for Clunkers Insanity

So what happens after you turn in your old “clunker” in the name of saving the environment? The engine is disabled and the car is junked. Somehow landfills loaded with trashed formerly operational vehicles is supposed to save the planet. But that’s just the tip of the polluted iceberg.

Another problem that’s being reported quite a bit is that a customer will turn in their “clunker,” get a new car, then the government will reject their “clunker” as a non-clunker (thanks in no small part to the EPA re-calculating MPG estimates after the program had already begun), and the dealer takes back the new car… after the customer’s old car has already been destroyed. Sure, I suppose the customer could still get their old car back, but it won’t be exactly the way it was when they turned it in…


The “Car Allowance Rebate System” of course goes by the acronym CARS — but before that, there was another CARS. That acronym stood for Charitable Auto Resources, Inc. — the “Homeless Children’s Network” that accepts old, operational cars for poor people. There are many other similar organizations. Remember back when liberals used to do things “for the children”? I wonder what happened?

But no, let’s trash these cars instead just to create an artificial shortage to drive new and used car prices up. So much for Democrats caring about poor people, eh?

Here’s the engine on a Volvo being disabled so nobody can use it. Insane:

Author: Doug Powers

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