Cocoon, the Revenge: AARP Meeting Goes Bad for AARP Obamacare Water Carriers

Here are due-paying members of AARP in Dallas listening to condescending reps from AARP try to grind Obamacare into what is intended to be a nice, palatable mush that won’t get stuck in the dentures of the attendees — but the crowd isn’t biting.

Notice how the speakers view the audience as nothing but customers for their Kool-Aid, and when the audience doesn’t drink like good little sheep, the meeting ends early.

My favorite part has to be when the speaker says AARP isn’t a political organization, and a man in the audience reminds everyone that Danny Glover is heavily involved in AARP, and he’s always off hugging America-hating thugs like Hugo Chavez (AARP has also named the anti-American Harry Belafonte their “Person of the Year”).

The real surprising thing? I don’t see a Brooks Brothers suit or a swastika in the whole crowd:

(h/t Michelle Malkin)

Author: Doug Powers

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