The ‘Brooks Brothers’ Right vs. ‘Hart Schaffner Marxist’ Left

As Nancy “Stretch” Pelosi reminds anybody dumb enough to believe anything she says, the “right-wing protesters” who have the audacity to show up to townhall meetings and express concern about an unprecedented transfer of wealth have now added some “flair” to their Brooks Brothers outfits — they’re now sporting swastikas.

The guy in this video asking why Obama wants to “rush” into spending trillions of dollars when it took him six months to choose a dog doesn’t appear to be wearing Brooks Brothers or sporting any swastikas, but I’m sure Lanny Davis wants him ID’d and photographed nevertheless. Lanny’s upset that “fascist tactics” at townhalls are interfering with the left’s implementation of fascism. How dare we!

What would be hysterically funny if it weren’t so pathetic is the Democrats’ attempt to make it appear that these townhall protesters are “fringe” and it’s just a few rabble-rousing Nazis causing trouble. Approval for Obama’s handling of health care is at 39% and falling fast.

But even if support was at 1% and the “strongly disapprove” was at 99%, Democrats would still push forward under the guise that those “opposed” are just fringe wacko “rent a mobs” hired by insurance companies. They have to press forward — if health care falls, the entire house of cards comes tumbling down, ivory towers and all.

Some Democrats, however, are distancing themselves from the demagogues in Washington. They know that this anger is genuine and potentially highly contagious, and they will feel it on election day if they’re not careful.

So, will Brooks Brothers emerge victorious, or the Hart Schaffner Marxist wardrobe of the DC Dems? Right now, it’s too clothes to call.

By the way, I think that Brooks Brothers has been taken over by Pelosi & Company, because here’s their latest ad:


Author: Doug Powers

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