Rep. Dingell Townhall Goes Pretty Much As You’d Expect

This isn’t as dramatic as some of the other townhalls, but I’m posting it because A) though John Dingell isn’t my Rep, he carries a big stick in this state and even nationally, and B) it’s interesting because Dingell is from a wildly liberal/Democratic district, and this stuff can’t make him comfortable with an election coming up.

This footage is from Dingell’s meeting last night in Romulus, Michigan. The person who shot the video said there were 150 people in the room and another 500 or so outside who couldn’t get in. Incidentally, Dingell was first elected to Congress when Elvis was going through puberty and I don’t think he knows how to handle this kind of dissent because he’s rarely if ever been exposed to it.

Once again, I don’t see a Brooks Brothers suit or a swastika in the whole crowd. What gives, Nancy?

Author: Doug Powers

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