Junket Science

And these idiots in Congress wonder why voters are so angered that they’re on the verge of treating them like a piñata on Cinco de Mayo?:

Diving and snorkeling at Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, watching New Year’s fireworks in New Zealand, and sleeping in a luxury Hawaiian hotel is the vacation of a lifetime — unless you’re a member of Congress. Then it’s a fact-finding mission to study climate change.

Ten lawmakers — six Democrats and four Republicans — spent 11 days on an international junket in some of the most breathtaking spots on Earth. Then they stuck taxpayers with the $500,000-plus bill.
The final tab? The lawmakers reported the total cost at merely $103,000, according to the Journal. But that figure doesn’t include flight costs because commercial airlines were not used. Instead, Air Force jets ferried the participants to their far-flung destinations. The Journal used Pentagon figures to estimate that the flight expenses brought the overall cost of the junket to more than $500,000.

This is why Queen Nancy wants more private jets for Congress (that and for rapid escape from unruly peasants at townhall meetings). How else are they to save the earth if they can’t go to some of the most in-demand travel destinations on earth to witness the misery first-hand?

You’ll notice though that the places that are reported to be already ravaged by climate change — Darfur, etc. — are rarely on the list of places that warrant a congressional visit. I wonder why.

I won’t bother to calculate the carbon footprint of these missions of environmental mercy, but it should be just enough to perpetuate the scam long enough to justify a few more vacati… er, I mean, “fact finding missions.”

Author: Doug Powers

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