Obama’s Tech Czar Has a Background in Theft, So He Should Fit Right In

Obama has tax cheats up the wazoo in his administration, so why not somebody more experienced in theft of the semi-petty variety?

The mysterious petty theft that President Barack Obama’s new computer chief committed at age 21 was shoplifting four dress shirts worth $134 from J.C. Penney.

A 1996 Montgomery County, Md., police report obtained by The Associated Press on Wednesday under a public records law shows Vivek Kundra was observed by a security guard putting the men’s shirts into a shopping bag and leaving the store without paying. Sgt. Tom Stanton wrote that Kundra was arrested after a brief foot chase and the property was recovered.

Kundra pleaded guilty, paid a $100 fine and $55 in court courts and was ordered to do 80 hours of community service. The White House has called a “youthful indiscretion” long ago resolved.

Experience in wealth transfer and serving the community? This guy’s perfect for Obama’s administration! Incidentally, I have trouble considering something you did when you were 21 to be a “youthful indescretion” — especially when you were 21 only 13 years ago.

Sure, it was just four shirts instead of trillions of dollars, but you have to crawl before you can walk.

The hall of mug shots is filled with Hope and Change, so we might as well add the nation’s tech czar to the list. The good news is that Obama’s team, though they have visions of wealth transfer the likes of which this country has never seen before, have proven to be horribly inept crooks and cheats. That’s the only thing that might save us.

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Author: Doug Powers

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