Confirmed: John Edwards Has Kids in Each of the Two Americas

On June 7, 2007, John “Two Americas” Edwards received a “Father of the Year” award in New York City.

The problem is that now it’s confirmed that we don’t know which family he got the award for being a father to:

Former North Carolina Senator and Democratic Presidential and Vice Presidential candidate John Edwards is expected to admit that he is the father of the 18-month-old daughter of former mistress Rielle Hunter, sources tell CBS affiliate WRAL.

I knew the baby was Edwards’ kid from the first time I saw her in the makeup room:


In the meantime, for a Friday morning laugh, here’s an Edwards’ campaign speech from 2007 called “The Moral Test of our Generation.” I don’t know exactly what the questions are on that test, John, but I do know that you failed.

Author: Doug Powers

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