The Obama Burger: Gut Stimulus in Montana

Fighting the American obesity epidemic, one burger at a time:

A Bozeman, Mont., restaurant is saluting the president’s fondness for cheeseburgers by offering a “Barack Obama Burger” Friday to honor his visit to the area.

The $10 bison meat burger at Ted’s Montana Grill has three types of cheese: American, cheddar and Monterey Jack. The burger comes with a side of spicy mustard along with lettuce, tomato, onion and pickles, french fries and a small American flag.

Ted’s Montana Grill is owned by CNN founder Ted Turner. He owns 52 of the restaurants around the country and has a bison ranch in southwest Bozeman.

In the first place, I don’t think I’d eat a burger that was made by Ted Turner, given that he predicted that fairly soon humans will resort to cannibalism.

The sandwich will be served with your choice of any beverage with the exception of tea and the little American flag with 57 stars — one for each state the Prez has visited — is yours to keep. But here’s the best thing about the Obama burger: You can eat as much as you want and then just find some kids and stick them with the bill.

Author: Doug Powers

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