Caught on Tape: Congressman Commits Political Suicide

Eric Massa, a Democrat Rep. from New York, just made one hell of a good television commercial… for his opponent in next year’s election.

Massa is shown below talking to a table full of attendees at the Netroots Libtardapalooza, and he insists that he’ll vote for any single-payer health bill that comes along. Massa admits he’s in a very conservative district, and then he puts the gun to his head and feverishly starts pulling the trigger when he says the following verbatim: “I will vote adamently against the will of my constituents.”

Nice knowin’ ya, Rep. Massa. This isn’t the year to be completely honest while the cameras are rolling — especially just to appease a bunch of freebie-seeking moonbats who aren’t even in your district:

(h/t JammieWearingFool)

Author: Doug Powers

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